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Kit with Form Completion: Article 103(1) Divorce

Usually ships in 7-10 Days - add $15.00

We now offer a Form Completion Service with the EasySplit Kit! Fill out your information form online and we will mail you the finished forms ready to file! This Kit Package is for an Article 103(1) Divorce.

ARTICLE 103(1) DIVORCE – a no-fault divorce under the Louisiana statute (La. C.C. Art. 103(1)) requiring the spouses to have lived separate and apart continuously for at least six (6) months BEFORE filing the divorce Petition.

In order to use this kit, the following statements must be TRUE as they pertain to you:

  • You have lived in Louisiana for more than six months.
  • There are no children born to or adopted by both parties in this marriage who are younger than eighteen (18) years of age.
  • There is no property to divide.
  • You know where your spouse is currently residing.
  • Your spouse will comply with all parts of the divorce process and will sign all paper work as needed.*

*You may still be able to use this kit to obtain your divorce even if you think that your spouse will NOT comply with all parts of the divorce and will not sign all paperwork as needed. However, you should read all instructions regarding serving your spouse VERY carefully.

Once you have submitted payment for your Kit with Form Completion Service, you will be redirected to our Personal Information Form. Please fill out the form in its ENTIRETY within 24 hours of payment to complete your order.

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